Mini Reviews SMASH! (Aftersmash Edition)

I’ve been wanting to write up full reviews of a bunch of stuff, but I keep getting side tracked. So I’m going the mini review route to catch myself up a bit.

World War Hulk Aftersmash: Damage Control #3


And so, the silly little mini comes to an end. It may be true that the best part of the past two issues was the hilariously derisive recap pages, but that doesn’t mean the actual book itself wasn’t fun too, which it was. It’s always nice to have a book like this to fall back on when you’re dealing with heavy continuity and events in other books. The Marvel Universe is not at stake here. There’s going to be no real change because of what Damage Control is doing. They’re just fixing the city. I’d never actually read much Damage Control save for the bit role they played in the Wolverine Civil War arc, but this is a lot of fun. This issue in particular features some extremely funny dialogue between the Damage Control bigwigs and the Chrystler Building, who basically decided he was bored and wanted to become sentient and move around a bit, which would cause all kinds of structural issues for the surrounding buildings and the people inside. It’s an extremely silly concept, but the credence they give to this living building makes it all worthwhile. This was an extremely fun three issues that should easily be found in dollar, 50 cent or quarter bins at cons this year. You should be able to find them, so pick them up. It’s silly fun. B+

World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound #4


I really enjoy the Warbound as characters. I thought Planet Hulk was excellent, and the age old ideal of honor on the battlefield and the desire to protect your friends and comrades to whatever end has always appealed to me as a fan of Classical Greek literature and philosophy. I was hoping the Warbound would get an ongoing post World War Hulk, but I’m perfectly okay with a miniseries and a presumed guest starring role in the Skaar maxi series. The main story of this series deals with the Warbound on the run in New Mexico (they were trying to get to Banner), only to be trapped inside a shell of gamma radiation created by the Leader. That story’s been going along at a good pace, with continued character development of Korg, Brood, Elloe and Hiroim. Hiroim seems to be the real star here, but it all works nicely. I’m not exactly sure what they’re going to do with the Warbound to get them out of this situation, but if it’s as solid as the rest of this mini has been, it should be enjoyable enough. We’ve also got a backup feature running that consists of Meik telling the SHIELD agent that is working with the Warbound past stories about each of them, which adds more well deserved character development. I’m glad to see these characters haven’t gotten completely lost in the shuffle of this post World War Hulk Secret Invasion climate we’ve got right now, and I hope they continue to tell good stories with these guys at the center. B



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