Foilball’s Review Roundup #9

Rating System:
5 Stars: WARNING: The Killing Joke
4 Stars: Dark Knight Returns
3 Stars: The Long Halloween
2 Stars: Knightfall
1 Star: Batman/Spawn

Batman and the Outsiders #5 (****1/2)

I really love this comic and I’ll tell you why. 1) Chuck Dixon knows how to write Batman. Every line rings true. Every action is authentic. 2) Chuck Dixon writes interesting action scenes. Witty banter. Welcome flavor. Interesting staging. 3) Chuck Dixon loves him some b-list villains. Gunhawk. Gunbunny. Militia. 4) Chuck Dixon makes Geo-Force cool. He annihilates an OMAC in like three seconds. 5) Ralph and Sue are back! And in a totally subtle under-the-top way. Loves.

Foolkiller #4 (****)


What a gem this book turned out to be. I remember bashing the hell out of the first issue a couple of months ago on Battle of the Century. Now, I’m afraid I’ll have to rescind the hate. Turns out all that violence I complained about was totally necessary… and not even half of what we were in store for. I don’t even think the shit on this page is humanly possible, but who cares? It’s cool. Oh, and I love the use of the “wideload” house trailer. I think I’ve seen it in a movie, but different medium so I’ll let it slide. I kind of don’t remember what the story was, and I kind of don’t care. I like that we don’t really know this Foolkiller guy. He’s basically your typical Punisher type with way less background or history. I think that’s what makes him so interesting… and unpredictable. Next issues promises some epic levels of slaughter and I can’t wait.

Justice League of America #19 (*)


Justice League of Ass. Countdown and Salvation Run have ruined this book. Poor Dwayne McDuffie. His run started out so nice and then editorial shit all over it with story after ridiculously bad story. Burnett wrote this one… does that mean McDuffie is off the book completely? It makes me so sad that DC would sink one of their flagship titles. I think back to what this book used to be and how well Marvel treats the Avengers, and I can’t help but shake my head. And I haven’t even mentioned the art. Mr. “BUTTSHOT”, Ed Benes… Christ, this guy comes from the same Top Cow school of sexy women drawing as David Finch yet he’s still three times worse. Bashing this book further is just a waste of our time.

Ultimate Human #3 (***1/2)


THIS JUST IN: Warren Ellis takes over Queen & Country!!! Okay, I understand the need for this diversion into Wisdom’s origin… but fuck, what a long road to hoe. But, it’s still incredibly well written after all. They should cut half the pages for the trade and charge less.

(Ultimate) Quick Hits:

Captain Marvel #4 (***): I’m bored. I actually don’t care anymore. If it turns out that Marvel coming back was just this lame old Skrull plan all along, I will be hugely disappointed. It was lame enough how they tossed him out there during Civil War, adding this bit of garbage on top does not make things better in my book. Issue 5 better be the shockeroonies to get anything above 3 stars.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #52 (-): Unreadable. The art actually makes my eyes bleed.

Ultimate Iron Man II #4 (**): I thought this was the last issue, it’s not. I checked out of this crappy plot 2 issues ago.

Ultimate Spider-Man #120 (***): So, Liz is the daughter of the Blob, that’s the BIG reveal? YAWN.

Ultimate X-Men #92 (****1/2): Probably the best X-Men story Kirkman has ever written. Apocalypse, Cable, Onslaught and now… Phoenix. Maybe he should have just written this story first instead of spending years of wasted time setting it up?



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