Foilball’s Review Roundup #8

Rating System:
5 Stars: WARNING: Impossible.
4 Stars: Unlikely.
3 Stars: Easy.
2 Stars: Not Even Trying.
1 Star: I Want To Kill You In Your Sleep.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #13 (****)

buffy 13 cover

Season 8 continues with more Andrew and more Dracula. I have to say, I could toss the rest of this series, but this arc has been really fun. It has that old Buffy feel while actually building on and not repeating old character development. The stuff about Xander taking some time off… heh. I love the “guy love”. And their dinner conversation is THE BEST. It’s almost like Goddard writes a better Buffy than Whedon. No, it’s exactly like that. Why couldn’t Joss find someone like this to write Angel? Okay, I’m not so keen on Willow making excuses for Buffy though, she’s a grown woman and she should know by now how to treat young impressionable girls. Hate her so hard. I’ve been so caught up in the gushing; I forgot to comment on the plot. I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler to reveal the “master plan” so I will… because really, we all read Buffy for the drama, not the action… okay, so the “Orientals” have figured out a way to take away slayer powers. OH, SCARY. Great plan douchebags, but you forgot one thing… nobody steals from DRACULA!

Captain America #36 (***1/2)

captain america 36 cover

There’s something rotten here, hence the half star, and I think it’s the art. Butch’s pencils are too wobbly and kind of lame? It doesn’t match the style of the book, the color and the inking… it’s just ugly. It’s close, it is, but it’s not there. About the plot, we’re still chugging along merrily, although this issue and last feel a bit decompressed… buying time… seriously, if Bucky is gonna use his gun so much, he should pack some heavier artillery. And he used the knife this issue, so its not just there for show, like the molded grenades on G. I. Joes. After his rematch with Crossbones… and he wins with some well aimed bullets to the guts… Bucky confronts the rioters in his Captain America uniform. Eh, it doesn’t go well. Later, Natasha stops by to cheer him up. When are these two gonna get it on? PLEASE. It’s the end of Act II… where’s my cliffhanger, Brubaker?

Savage Dragon #135 (**1/2)

savage dragon 135 cover

I don’t know why, exactly, I’m reviewing this book. It hasn’t been good for a long time. I’m kind of just waiting for Larsen to cancel it. The plot: Rapture’s dead? I don’t even remember her being back in the book. I like Solar Man. I wish he would just take over as the star. Dragon whines too much. Larsen has finally successfully transplanted his personality into Dragon. Congrats. Mr. Glum is still around. Great. Oh look, now She-Dragon is back. Prism… hmm. LAME. I don’t even know what the “A” story was… it was an issue filled with sub plots. One or two page sub plots. I don’t even think Larsen likes this book anymore. Cancel it, please!

The Mighty Avengers #11 (****)

mighty avengers 11 cover

Desiato’s did a review for this one already, and I pretty much agree with him: the inner monologue, etc… I just wanted to make a comment and pose a question. First the comment: I wish this arc was longer. I know readers complained about the last arc being too decompressed… and I agree, but this one was packed too tightly. I could have done with more at the beginning with the symbiote fight. I don’t care that we got one side of it already in New Avengers… that was months ago. I needed more in the middle. The time travel issue was awesome, but it Bendis cut it short. And this ending could have been two issues and still not feel like it was wasting time. Doom barely gets any screen time to be a badass. He captures the Avengers, they get loose and then he loses. UGH. I wanted more. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if originally this arc had been two separate stories. But due to the Cho’s lateness, Bendis had no choice but to slam them together. I don’t know. I just know I wanted more.

Question: What did Doom promise Morgana? It’s the one brightside to the above complaint. Eventually, Bendis will revisit this and we’ll get more Doom. YAY!

Quick Hits:

Amazing Spider-Man #556 (*): Oh GOD, I want to do a full featured review of this… to bash it mercilessly, but I realize it would just be a giant waste of my life as I’m sure most already agree. Except this. This is too stupid to let slide. HE’S SMOKING CRACK IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT. Even Spidey’s shocked! Somebody needs to kill themselves… creative team? Editorial?

Checkmate #24 (**): As far as final arcs go, this could be more exciting. Especially since Rucka already did this story… it was called “The OMAC Project” or something… oh, some random character even mentions that in the book. Lame.

Ms. Marvel #25 (**): This might be the worst issue of Ms. Marvel in the entire run. I was so bored reading it. I could give a crap about her almost-boyfriend so when he ends up dead at the end… meh.

New Avengers #39 (***1/2): I loved the slow build of this issue, but as soon as the Super Skrull showed up, it somehow lost momentum. Like, it got cheesy? Was it the art? Was it Bendis just being off his game? It just felt very lame. Maybe it’s the fact that we have so many Super Skrulls now… kind of dilutes the impact of the idea. If the entire invasion force is just an army of these guys, shit’s gonna get old fast.



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