The Green Skin. The Bumpy Chins. Why, It Must Be…Mini Reviews! (Secret Invasion Edition)

A couple of (in my opinion) minor spoilers in the New Avengers and Ms. Marvel recaps, for those who want to steer clear of those reviews.

Mighty Avengers 11 Cover

Mighty Avengers #11 – So, either Dr. Doom’s been replaced by a Skrull, or he’s really become a dick. Bendis was having a lot of fun with thought bubbles in this one. I especially enjoyed the way the Mighty Avengers were fully expecting the standard over the top Silver Age monologue from Doom, and he sure did monologue, but in his head. So you’ve got this wonderful massive monologue that is only for Doom’s personal amusement. We’ve definitely got some characters acting in a squirrelly manner, whether it’s the aforementioned Doom or some new powers from Spider-Woman, and considering Secret Invasion #1 shipped today, all bets are off. This was a solid issue, and I enjoyed the Doom storyline overall. The next issues are Secret Invasion crossovers, and I believe Bendis has mentioned that both New and Mighty would be mostly flashbacks during Secret Invasion to fill in the gaps and show exact moments when Skrull replacements were put into place. Sounds good. B-

New Avengers 39 Cover

New Avengers #39 – Secret Invasion banner on this one, and we’re all about Echo. Many, many people have been making the rounds with Echo as Skrull theories, and this issue at least proves that they were on the right track, if not in the exact way one would expect. Now, I’m not saying that Bendis wouldn’t swerve us and still have Echo as a sleeper agent Skrull despite the X-Men Super Skrull claiming that he was coming to replace her. I don’t think that’s the case, but it could technically still happen. Because every now and then, you get a couple of panels where Echo isn’t exactly acting like someone who’s deaf. One things for sure, though (and this goes along with the upcoming Ms. Marvel #25 review below this one). These new Super Skrulls are unmitigated badasses. Great issue. Mack’s art is excellent as always, and that sort of messy, scratchy style that is shared by both him and Yu is an excellent fit for this street level book. A

Ms Marvel 25 Cover

Ms. Marvel #25 – This is my first Ms. Marvel issue, as it is yet another Secret Invasion tie in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Reed purposefully tried to make this one a little easier to jump into for new readers. He’s no stranger to tie-ins, and I’ve heard good things about his Civil War stuff. This issue is okay. I think it suffers for me from my not recognizing some of the characters, namely Carol’s beau. It plays out some of the standard plot devices of the super hero double life and its strain on relationships, but this time we’ve got the added bonus of a second Carol Danvers walking around in broad, Skrully daylight despite the fact that real Carol hasn’t been taken out of the picture. Pretty ballsy of that Skrull. Arguably pretty stupid too, but we must remember that even though the Skrulls have done a great job of successfully executing their plan this time around, history has not been kind to them in the past. More super skrull badassery follows, and all of this is intercut with some flashbacks that give a little insight as to why Ms. Marvel would be targeted by the Skrulls beyond the fact that she’s, you know, Ms. Marvel and the leader of the Mighty Avengers. The flashbacks, while important, have a tendency to chop up the momentum of the A story here, which hurts the overall impact of the book. It’s got good moments, but it’s not the best Reed I’ve read. C

Green Lantern 29 Cover

Green Lantern #29 – And thus begins the 29,000th retelling of Hal Jordan’s origin story, but with added Blackest Night insight. This issue is the beginnings of the Hal legacy, which is basically all moments we’ve seen before. Johns does a little extra characterization work on the younger Hal in between thee time his father dies and he leaves home to join the military. The end of the story sees the introduction of Abin Sur, who pretty much does what he always does, but this time very specifically mentions the Blackest Night prophecy. I really question whether this is the best way to add to the build for Blackest Night. Issue 28 had a ton of momentum, and while the story threads from there seem like they will continue in Green Lantern Corps, there’s nothing in the main GL book that would point to that, so those people who aren’t reading both titles might get lost in the shuffle. This first issue came off as completely unnecessary, and while Johns is obviously doing it for a very specific reason, I almost wish it were a separate mini series and didn’t upset the flow of the book. C-

It should be noted that even though I ordered Secret Invasion #1 through DCBS, I am an extremely impatient and silly man. And seeing as I was going to the shop anyway to pick up Kick-Ass #2 and Young Avengers Presents #3, I went ahead and bought the damn thing in the shop. So I’ll have two copies. But I don’t care. WOW. Review is written. Should be posted either tonight or tomorrow.


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