Review: Secret Invasion #1


secret invasion 1 cover

We’ve been waiting patiently for years, YEARS to find out WHAT THE FUCK is going on with the Savage Land and today, we finally find out… something? I was at my local shop the minute it opened this afternoon, literally the afternoon as it was 12:01. I grabbed a copy of Secret Invasion, Buffy #13 for Mandy, bought ‘em and read the bastard in the parking lot. We’ve all seen the prologue and the first 10 pages, so I’m not gonna get into that. This may be kind of spoilery, so fair WARNING, continue reading at your own risk…

…once we get past what was previously spoiled online, we get this series of panels where the Secret Avengers steal Tony’s Quinjet, and the subsequent “Dude, where’s my Quinjet?” joke. Heh. We quickly move from there to here, the final showdown of dueling Avengers squads. God I hate how lame Ms. Marvel is all the time. “C’mon guys, stand down, you know we’re way more awesome than you… no way you live, be serious…” SHUT UP ALREADY!!! Who are you kidding? You always let them go Carol! Moving on… when Cage tries to open the fallen Skrull ship, shit hits the fan. Really smelly shit. And then some more shit with even more fans that spread it all over the place… all the way to Thunderbolts Mountain! And then the worst thing that could ever happen, happens. Goodbye FF Plaza. I feel like nothing Millar does in the regular book can top that. Oh, and our cliffhanger for the month… what’s in the downed Skrull ship? These guys of course! Oh wait… second cliffhanger…

 Ant Man you bastard

I KNEW IT!!! I’m completely disappointed in this issue… I can’t believe I have to wait another month for the next installment!

EDIT: I loved this issue, but there was some stuff that bugged me. 1) Tony’s Armor malfunctions… again?!?! 2) The Helicarrier malfunctions… again?!?! 3) Prison break from the Raft… again!?!? 4) Captain Marvel #5 spoilers?!?! 5) Does anyone else remember how Mr. Fantastic got taken out during Infinity War… Bendis does?!?!



4 thoughts on “Review: Secret Invasion #1

  1. I wouldn’t say that you could claim spoilers for Captain Marvel 5. With the ending of the last issue, anything could be happening. I have no fucking clue what to expect from that issue or any of this from now on. And I love it.

  2. well, maybe the Marv spoiler thing is iffy, but the other complaints stand. and they even blew up the top of the Baxter building in the first or second issue of Infinity War. UGH.

    but, obv, i still loved it!

  3. My one crazy theory is that the He they keep referring to in the “he loves you” mantra is in fact Captain Marvel. I don’t know why I think that, but I have a feeling that the Church of Hala is a legitimate Skrull religion, and perhaps Captain Marvel is some sort of Skrull savior in disguise or something.

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