Series Review: Y: The Last Man – Part 4 of 5

Dudes! Welcome back to Part 4 of Billy & Mandy’s weekly review of Y: The Last Man. In this installment, we will be commenting on issues 37-48, the fourth year of the series. WARNING: There will be spoilers in these articles, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, please read the issues before you read any more. Or, read them along with us! We welcome your comments and hope that you enjoy the show.


Billy: Okay, ready? Do the recap fool!

Mandy: When we last left our heroes… they had just arrived in Australia aboard granny’s submarine, and Allison Mann had found her herself a woman, and Ampersand is missing, and they need to get Amp back because his poops hold the secret to the future of the universe – they hope.

BZ: Granny, I don’t trust her. And now we got the rumors about the last man reaching as far as Australia? And a reporter for the “Daily Slut” sniffing around… sorry, “The Monthly Visitor”.

MP: I KNOW. Inconvenient. Do you think they portray the reporter unfairly? Don’t you think that if there were only one man left in the world, the world deserves to know? Would you be in hiding if it were you?

BZ: I think he sets her up to fail and be the bad guy because he makes her a reporter for a rag newspaper, literally by name! Just think, he couldn’t even do this story if she was from the Washington Post or something. It’s kind of a cheat really… Vaughan is cheating!

MP: This is true. Washington Post doesn’t do full frontal. Well, but maybe he’s making a statement about the legitimacy of tabloids… THEY DO HAVE THE TRUTH.

BZ: Meh, I don’t think so. I think he’s just cheating. And 355’s argument wouldn’t work with a real reporter, neither would Yorick’s. So, cheatery ensued.

MP: Okay, I wasn’t that offended by it.

mann’s sexy sleeves

BZ: Subject change: did you notice those panels where Mann is wearing that sweater with the super long sleeves that cover her hands… that was so hot. I’m just saying, Mann is the hot sometimes.

MP: HAHAH. I think Mann is hot all the time. ALSO, long sleeves over the hands is an emoLoganEcholls trademark so I completely understand the hot. Alright, but seriously, let’s talk about 355 letting Yorick off the boat in the first place. What do you think? Wise or just plain silliness

BZ: Yeah, what’s up with that? Trying to get on his good side? Why? She wants TO BONE!


355 beating the shit 

BZ: It’s too obvious to all involved but them. She has definitely mellowed since issue 1 in regards to how she deals with Yorick… but not in regards to how she kills people! Like, 355 definitely likes to hurt people… or at least it seems that way up this point.

MP: That is because she is a badass killing machine. She is like Rambo… SHE WILL KILL EVERYONE. But yes, I thought to myself, “WHAT IS HER DEAL?” And I was happy that later in this year, we get to know. But anyway, 355 is definitely having trouble dealing with Yorick objectively because even if she is not in love with him, they are all BFF. It’s very Keanu and Sandra from SPEED with these two. Don’t they know close relationships forged in stressful circumstances never last.

BZ: So how did that splash page with Yorick’s junk hanging out make you feel? Sexy time? Hot? Anything?

MP: *SHUDDER* DID NOT NEED THE FULL FRONTAL. I mean, he said it himself… not a show-er.

Yorick full frontal

BZ: I mean, he gave in so easy this time and then she stole his clothes… bitch deserves to die. Vaughan went way overboard in villainizing her.

MP: Maybe he was just ready… to flash his junk. I can see this really affected you. Who stole your clothes, Billy?

BZ: Your mom.

MP: Lies. I just want to point out that “chump up” was Yorick’s best line… of the series.

BZ: Dude, let’s switch over to Mann, and talk about how lame she is. The pirate girl wants to bone down so hard and Mann is like super bitch and then she flies a kite and it’s all roses? That was gay. The literals.

MP: Well, we already know that Mann is reluctant to open up to people. And she just got burned by someone that she cares deeply about. So she’s locked herself in the bunker, so to speak.

BZ: But one-eyed girls are hot!!! Not really though, how many one-eyed girls do I actually know?

MP: Um, none.

BZ: Yeah.

MP: She was decidedly not Asian in those panels, so that was comforting.


Alison is Asian 

MP: So. Did you trust Rose from the start? Or did you think SPY. LIES!!!?

BZ: Oh, fuck Rose. I knew she was a smelly fish. She has one-eye and she is a pirate. C’mon!

MP: Whatever. So why do you think she fell for the kites?

BZ: I’ll take her at her word. She used to fly them as a kid.

MP: Do you think it’s because, just like men, all women want to do is bone down?

BZ: Yes, that too.

MP: Ha. Brings whole new meaning to the phrase “go fly a kite”. Yes please!

BZ: Do you think Rose was a lesbian before she took the spy job?

MP: Hmmm. Yes.

BZ: Or was that part of the act and then she fell in love and turned for good?

MP: Okay, maybe. I don’t know. Is there any way to tell? Doesn’t a person’s sexuality sort of exist on a continuum anyway?

BZ: Are there even such things as lesbians in a world without men? Also, I have no idea what you just asked me because I am dumb.

MP: It just sort of says that there are some people that are REALLY STRAIGHT and others that are REALLY GAY, would never cross over… but others that are somewhere in the middle and that where you fall on the continuum is related to your beliefs and your attitudes about gender and whether or not you think that there is a difference. Some people just love who they love, can go either way… like Alyssa from Chasing Amy.

BZ: Oh, I know what you’re talking about now. You said “continuum” but I’ve always heard it described as a scale. Obviously my mind couldn’t make the connection.

MP: This might interest you. Did you know that Greek soldiers used to bone each other… because you boned the people you trusted most?

BZ: …yes, I know that, thank you.

MP: Do you ascribe to these ancient ways?

BZ: Don’t use obscure words like “ascribe” to try and trick me, I know what that word means.

MP: Does it bother you when people know a whole bunch of shit about Greece and Greek mythology and shit and try to tell you about it?

BZ: Only when they make assumptions about me based on their knowledge of ancient Greece.

MP: touché.


MP: Dude, what if we pronounced “douche” the same way that we did “touché”? That would be awesome.

BZ: Some people do.

MP: Let’s be those people.


BZ: Okay, so at the end of part 2 of this arc, 355 and the reporter are falling off the balcony with a “to be concluded…” at the bottom… were you worried the series might be over?

MP: My exact thought as they were falling off the balcony was that if 355 survives this, she’s more awes than Batman.

BZ: And then she does, and it was funny, but kind of lame. “My ex was a carny.” Lame

MP: Still badass.

BZ: The more I re-read this, the more is realize Vaughan isn’t writing a book about women, he’s writing a book where women act like men.

MP: He should call Joss Whedon. They could make a party for themselves.

BZ: Or men as women, like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. These women aren’t women and I don’t think it’s sexists to say that at all.

MP: This is an idea I’m interested in… like, since men have controlled our culture for so long, do you think it’s possible to have a definition of “woman” that is genuine?

BZ: There’s masculine and feminine behavior, and they don’t always match up with gender, but I don’t think that’s the case here. I think Vaughan is just writing dudes with boobs

MP: Right. But the definitive “masculine” and “feminine” behaviors are constructed… blah blah blah.

BZ: But I don’t think the definitions are constructed, I think they are set by nature. Our culture defines which gender fills which role.

MP: Maybe.

BZ: But again, I don’t think that’s what Vaughan is doing most of the time, I think he is just writing dudes!!!

MP: WRITING DUDES!!! Okay, moving on…

BZ: The emperor has no clothes!


MP: …back to 355, the scene with the reporter at the end…

BZ: 355 is so intense!!! Like, is it that time of the month or what?

MP: So the bitch misses her flight. Yorick is not only good at escaping himself, he is good at escaping your stuff…FROM YOUR POCKETS.

BZ: He is a master of many things. Up to this point in the series, how many times have they all pulled guns on each other? It’s getting cliché


MP: Saying cliché is cliché.

BZ: This is true. I was just gonna say lame, but I always say lame.

MP: Alright… so can I just be nitpicky about Yorick’s Englishmajorness for a minute? HE’S A SNOB AND AN ELITEST.

BZ: Why? What did he say to offend you? The splitting infinitives thing?

MP: YES. Only snobs complain about splitting infinitives. They made the rule that you can’t split infinitives back when they thought that Latin was THE MOST SUPERIOR language… so they imposed Latinate rules on our grammar. BUT IT DOESN’T APPLY. Latin infinitives are one word… you can’t split them. English infinitives, OBV two words. Split away.


BZ: Your grammar geek is so sexy.

MP: Can you imagine if they said “to go boldly” rather than “to boldly go”? THE HORROR. Okay. I’m done.

BZ: So, you like Yorick less now?

MP: No. I like Vaughn less. I like Yorick more. I want to date him.

BZ: So, if OG Beth has been traveling around the world, risking her life (like Yorick) to find him… she must really love him right?

MP: Dude, maybe. But I’m more interested in talking about how 355 could have slammed Yorick for not getting the Paris connection but chose not to. I’m having a hard time connecting with OG Beth because she’s never around. But, I think that’s kind of the point. And why don’t we just get to what I know you want to talk about… SCARBETH!!!

BZ: YAUS!!!!

MP: And HERO!!!! That was for me.



MP: Um.

BZ: Quick aside: Alter kills mom… do we even care?

MP: Dude, okay but re: Alter… if Yorick didn’t have a reason to kill Alter before, HE DOES NOW. It was kind of fucked up. Also, dude, someone says COOZE… and I can’t remember who it was but it was funny. I always forget to use that word. It’s so good.

BZ: 355 says it when she threatens to shove her gun up that chick’s cooze and blast her ovaries into her mouth or something


MP: THAT’S RIGHT. Amazing. All I wrote in my notes was COOZE. Kay, back to Scar Beth and Hero…”yeah, you’re definitely the kind of girl my brother would bone.”

BZ: I like them as a team… friendship or romance?

MP: …interesting. Question?

BZ: Answer.

MP: Do you think that Vaughn chose to call the baby Beth TO CONFUSE US?

BZ: I have no idea at this point other than to say he is an idiot.

MP: Isn’t there some cardinal rule in writering that you don’t have multiple characters with the same name?

BZ: He is a jerkface

MP: To quote hero, “that’s retarded.”

BZ: Dude, can I rant quickly about this issue? Okay, although I loved the Scar Beth/Hero team-up, I hate the purpose of this issue. Who the fuck cares about the Catholic Church at this point? It does nothing for the story. It’s just Vaughan venting about the church YET AGAIN! ENOUGH!!! I don’t care. /endrant

MP: Fair.

BZ: Seriously, are Hero and Scar Beth gonna get it on? I kind of hope so. Write me some fanfic!

MP: Um. We’ll talk about it later.

BZ: Preggo fanfic.

MP: Wow. Um.

BZ: …I’ll edit that out.

MP: Good, edit out the part where I say that it turned me on.

BZ: How did you feel about all the origin issues? First up, we get 355. I think it sucked ass. Very underwhelming. I expected a better, cooler tale.


MP: Yeah, and at this late point in the game, did you think it was necessary? Did you want stories of childhood badass-ery?

BZ: Yes, but not if it was gonna be so bad

MP: Yeah. Me too. Okay, so Vaughan’s buying time. We’re you excited to see a back story for your little monkey friend? I thought of you.

BZ: YES AMP STORY WAS GOOD! And then his sad little dream with Yorick’s head in the egg!!! Sad times at Billmont High. I liked the explanation on why Amp is such an unruly helper monkey. That felt very natural. And, the reason why Yorick even takes on the monkey, to try and impress OG Beth… that was a nice piece of character revelation.


MP: Yes, so… what do you think that it says when Vaughn writes such a shitty origin story for 355 and an EPIC masterpiece for the monkey?

BZ: Well, I think that’s obvious. Also, the monkey is the entire plot, 355 is just some side character.

MP: Obviously I’m not surprised you’re obsessed with the monkey. *eyeroll* Okay, so now we’re in Japan… was this a good idea? Really?

BZ: Sure, an entire country filled with women the artist can’t draw.


BZ: I’ve been winding that one up for over an hour!


MP: What did you think about the conversation about love being based on mutual hate? I liked it. Although for me, it doesn’t work that way… I like the spark that comes from disagreement. I think hating the same things sort of makes a couple boring. Do you agree with that sentiment? Their sentiment, obv, not mine.

BZ: I think liking the same things is boring. Mutual hate is fine as long as you both don’t like to hate everything… then it gets boring.

MP: Billy says, “haters form a line to the left…for make outs.” Good to know.


BZ: So, the ninja chops off some old lady’s head, can we hate this chick any more than we already do? I feel like Vaughan can stop now, we get it.

MP: HAHA. Does it mean I’m an evil beast because I laughed? That chick’s head ROLLED.

BZ: Well yeah, it does. When they finally caught up with Mann’s mom and Rose gets stabbed… the look on Mann’s face is all, “WTF MOM, YOU STABBED MY LESBIAN GIRLFRIEND!?!”



BZ: How does Mann’s mom know what’s up with Yorick and Amp?

MP: Would you like me, really fast, to confess my stupidity?

BZ: Always.

MP: Um. So all this time, in my head, I was thinking that the plot ninja worked for Mann’s dad. Not because I thought he survived, but because I just keep forgetting… LAST MAN. *hangs head*


MP: anyway, moving on.

BZ: You are Nutlow.

MP: I have had a sneaking suspicion for a while that Ali’s family was involved in this situation. So, I AM NOT SURPRISED. But dude, were you surprised that she is so bad ass with a sword? Her mom, I mean.

BZ: I didn’t care. Also, I didn’t like how it played out, how her family is involved. Too much coincidence. Reading this monthly, it felt wrong, still does. We are actually entering the worst part of the series for me… I don’t like the Japan stuff that much. Mostly because the Mann garbage and the reason for the plague, that will be explained in the next few issues.

MP: I am trying to decide why I liked these issues. I don’t think it was the Japan ones that I liked, actually. I think that I’m expecting it to be this like really epic reason… do you think I’m going to be disappointed?

BZ: Well, I don’t know. You like it more so far than I did. Moving on… 355 breaks down in the hotel room… that was sadface. Yorick and 355 are definitely into each other, talking the way they do while to die.


MP: Yeah, did you expect that quiet moment of non-confession?

BZ: No, it was nice

MP: Yes. I agree.

BZ: Although after reading that scene, the entire set up felt super artificial. There is no reason for this whole Yakuza thing other than to get us that scene. Lame and flimsy.


BZ: Okay, why would you eat ground up tiger penis? Also… my God, is that supposed to be Gwen Stefani? I hope so.


MP: Yeah, no. I was thinking like Dick Tracy era Madonna… that is what she looked like to me anyway.

BZ: The whole Japanese school girl thing though…

MP: Did you think Yorick should have ditched 355 and hit the playground?

BZ: WOOOOOOO… I would have. Duders… best issue of the year goes to “The Tin Man“ — Mann needs a heart! Great origin story! I hated Mann at the beginning and loved her at the end more than any other character.


MP: Yeah, I love her. Like, I definitely liked her origin story the best… and she’s been growing on me too. That was a good time to get that story.

BZ: Close second… Alter’s origin story was also more moving than 355. Do you believe her about wanting to be Yorick’s savior?

MP: Meh. I’m having trouble following/figuring out everything that is going on with her. Her back story helped a little. Is Alter originally from America? Yes, right?

BZ: No, I think she went to school in Maine for a while, but that’s it.

MP: The story about her sister… her name was Rachel, right?

BZ: I thinks so.

MP: Yeah, her story was very similar to the story of that girl Rachel Corrie who was crushed under an Israeli bulldozer in front of a Palestinian home in the Gaza strip.


BZ: Yeah, he probably borrowed from that, but I think it’s become abundantly clear that Vaughan rips a lot of his ideas from the newspapers and magazines… which is fine, so do we.

MP: Yeah, cheats and steals. It’s our business.

BZ: Cunt-face

MP: Wet cooze. Cooze is such a ridiculous word… but I like the sound of it.

BZ: I really only have one final thought on this 4th year, but it’s also a thought about this entire run so far… what are your thoughts on the chauvinistic language women continue to use in this unmanned world? Words like: bitch, cunt, cooze, whore, etc… in my limited experience, I don’t hear women talk this way to each other, even in comfortable social environments. It feels like too much from Vaughan, or, he’s using the premise of this story as an excuse to get all this out there. Kind of like how Bendis opened the first MAX book with someone yelling “FUCK!” …MAX, for those that don’t know, is the R-Rated line of books Marvel launched to compete with Vertigo.

MP: I think it’s hard to say.

BZ: Does the language offend you? I know some “chicks” that find the words “cunt” or “cooze” uber-offensive. Like, no sex for you offensive.

MP: Um. I am not as offended by cunt as the rest of the world. I don’t know how that particular word became THE BAD ONE. I really don’t know. I like SLIT less…

BZ: Slit even offends me. Do you think the overuse of these words is an example of Vaughan’s chauvinism or that it fits perfectly within the scope of the story? Basically, is it accurate for women to speak like this I the absence of men?

MP: Yes. I think it is.I think it’s like the female equivalent of tool, right?

BZ: Not just the words cunt or cooze, they say bitch, slut, whore…

MP: Women do this now. Bitch, slut, whore….

BZ: So you use these words in everyday life?

MP: Well… my life is pretty tame so I don’t have occasion to use them. Wait, I use whore on a daily basis.

BZ: I don’t know, I think it’s more appropriate to use gender neutral words: asshole, fucker, bastard…

MP: I would say those are not gender neutral.

BZ: Bastard is borderline, but women can be bastards. Fucker implies a penis? To “fuck” means you have to have a penis? Women can fuck, hence, they can be fuckers.


BZ: Lollerz.

MP: I guess.

BZ: And everyone is an asshole.

MP: Well, you are.

BZ: He does use those other words, but he uses words like cunt a lot and I don’t think it’s an accurate depiction of how most women in that world would act.

MP: I think the question that you’re really asking is, would women stop behaving in the oppressive way that is standard now when there are men in the world. So, basically, have women internalized chauvinism or are they “playing” to the majority attitude… and would it go away if suddenly the men did?

BZ: Yeah, I guess I am.

MP: I think women have internalized these attitudes and I don’t think it would go away without men.

BZ: I’m also saying that I don’t think the use of those words is as pervasive in our world as Vaughan leads us to believe. But, the examples he offers are biased since most of the characters we meet in “Y” are of the hobo pirate variety. So, I guess I can forgive him on a technicality.


hobo pirates

MP: I can’t believe we didn’t talk about what we think Yorick is going to do with the news that he has a daughter. Hello?

BZ: Oh, I was in the other room… I thought we was done.


Stay tuned for Part 5, covering the fifth and final year of the series, coming next week!

If you haven’t read Y yet, you can pick up the Trades at your local shop or order them online from at these links:

Y: The Last Man Vol. 7: Paper Dolls
Y: The Last Man Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons


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