Review: Young Liars #1

 young liars 1 cover

David Lapham (Stray Bullets) is doing mainstream books now. Did you hear? Some of you may be reading Spider-Man: With Great Power… do you like it? I, myself, am not picking it up. I’ve read enough retellings of the Spidey origin to last me infinite lifetimes. So, “no thanks”. But, Lapham is doing semi-indy books as well. Like, Young Liars! Have you read it?

Danny Noonan, our protagonist, is that guy you know that’s too awkward to express the depth of his feelings. Sadie Dawkins, our antagonist, is that girl you know that’s too oblivious to notice. Dan’s your typical 20-something Texas trailer trash who travels to the big city with a guitar and a dream… where he meets the literal girl of his dreams, Sadie. Everything’s cool for a while, till Sadie catches a bullet in the brain. Now, Sadie’s a short-timer with nothing left to lose. Upside, Danny finally gets up the courage to tell her how he feels. Downside, too little too late as the inoperable bullet not only endangers Sadie’s life, it also affects the moral and emotional centers of her brain which reduces her capacity to feel normal human emotions. So, no matter how many times Danny tells her he loves her, those emotions fail to penetrate her indifferent heart, as illustrated in the following scene. Sadie’s personality has also turned erratic and unpredictable.

The first issue is filled with sub-plottery, of which I shall not spoil, and interesting characters. As first issues go, it’s very effective. Lapham manages to introduce around six main characters, each interesting and likable in their own unique way. With a quirky premise and even quirkier characters (the cross-dressing Donnie/Donatella, the gold-digging CeeCee, the ever-scheming Runco, and of course, the logically impaired Sadie), Young Liars promises to be a hell of a ride through the Gates of Hell and beyond. Count me in!


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