Mini Reviews… IN SPAAAAAAAAACE (Cosmic Edition)

So let’s see here… I’m going to start a grading system, methinks.

Green Lantern #28 – There’s not a whole lot to say here. Johns is still writing the hell out of this one, and it’s got to be a lot of fun knowing that you’ve got over a year to slow build to a big event. We see a little of that here, with the beginnings of another Color Corps. And we’ve got a new law from the Book of Oa, and it’s a doosy. It’s a good choice on Johns’ part to slowly sow the seeds of corruption throughout the GL Corps, which is what will eventually necessitate the Blackest Night. The thing definitely ends in a pretty spectacular way, and everyone should know by now that I love cosmic books, so it’s not really a huge shock to anyone that I would be digging this series. This (and its counterpart) is really the only DC book that I’m in for the long haul. The only way I might drop the book is if Johns leaves it, and you know the Color War is his baby, so that won’t be happening any time soon. Grade: A-

Green Lantern Corps #22 – It’s not quite as good as the main GL book, but I do like the way that these books basically work in tandem, with GLCorps taking the part of the “B Story” (as it were) allowing for the further exploration of both stories beyond what would be possible in one book. This is really the way to use multiple books based around the same theme. It’s not like Action/Superman or Detective/Batman or the former Amazing/Spectacular/Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. This is one story split over two books (similar to New/Mighty Avengers, really). It’s impressive how well it melds together with the main GL book considering the different writers. Sure, the Alpha Lanterns thing isn’t the coolest storyline ever, but I like the fleshing out of this new Green Lantern Corps status quo. Plus, with the next issue, we get to start seeing Thanos collecting Infinity Gems! Wait, what? Mongul? Collecting Power Rings? Yeah, that’s completely different… All kidding aside, this is a solid title. And it sure does come out often. Seems like I get an issue of this series every time I get a shipment from DCBS. Grade: B

Annihilation: Conquest #5 – I LOVE COSMIC STORIES. This series has been tons of fun. I wouldn’t say that it has the immediacy and impact of the first Annihilation, but this is a different kind of story. You’re dealing with an occupation/assimilation of Kree space, as opposed to the rampant destruction of the Annihilation Wave. So it’s a bit more subtle. More subterfuge. The ending of this issue definitely piques my interest, especially considering what we know from previews/solicits of Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s good stuff, and I have a feeling it’ll read a little better all at once. This would be an excellent trade pick up for those that aren’t reading the monthlies, and those oversized hardcovers will look nice and pretty next to the Annihilation ones. Grade: B+

Nova #11 – This book sort of works in the same tandem as the previously mentioned Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps, in that Nova is basically covering the B Story of Annihilation: Conquest. We continue to follow Nova as he tries to solve the problem of the Phalanx and help Kree space from beyond. I really like the way the transmode virus is basically playing the role of a ticking time bomb, which really ratchets up the tension every time Nova has to let loose with some power. I wasn’t exactly reading comics during the New Mutants era, so I’m not too familiar with Warlock as a character (hell, every time someone refers to him, I usually assume they’re talking about Adam Warlock), so that part of the story didn’t light me on fire or anything, but it’s still chugging along doing some solid work. What I really want to see is exactly what direction they take Nova after Conquest wraps up. We haven’t really gotten the chance to see Nova flex his muscles outside of an event structure, as the first three issues dealt with the fallout of Civil War, and then he was immediately thrown into the Conquest. It’ll also be interesting to see how intertwined this book is going to be with Guardians of the Galaxy. This book is still good, and the Alex Maleev cover is purty. Grade: B



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