Foilball’s Review Roundup #7

Rating System:

5 Stars: WARNING: Post-Coital Willow.
4 Stars: In Love Willow.
3 Stars: Happy Willow.
2 Stars: Heartbroken Willow.
1 Star: It’s The End Of The World Willow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #12 (*****):

buffy12 cover2

This month in BTVS… controversy! Now, I have no idea what’s specifically been said on the interwebs about it, as I have not read anything except enough to know that said controversy exists. Seriously though, if you didn’t see this coming, you just ain’t been paying attention, yo’. I’m positive Buffy turning to the pink side was of no real shock to fanfic writers the world over, and simultaneously the greatest and worst days of their lives. OH NOES!!! WHATEVER SHALL WE WRITE ABOUT NOW?!?

Anyway, Buffy is testing the waters as it were… which is cool, I guess, but then Buffy goes and says some rather questionable shit. EW Buffster, total ribaldage. And it turns out, totally for naught, because as soon as she utters that insensitive thought, Zander and CO. bust in on them! This scene plays wonderfully in the comic. I think I like it mostly for its widescreen cinematic aesthetic… the Dawn stuff in the last panel is the ultimate comeuppance for what Buffy just said to Satsu (the naked girl she’s in bed with). I was worried that the writing would be horribly out of character, but when we finally get to the juice of the scene, I realize that my concerns were utterly groundless. AWW, the hurt on Willow’s face was definitely projecting a “why are you having girl sex without me” feeling. The betrayal! Obviously Willow has been harboring feelings for Buffy all these years! This I like. This is a great example of welcome character development and a consistent continuation of the direction Joss was taking us in before he abandoned these wonderfully tragic characters.

Some other cool shit that happened: Zander growing a pair and asking that other slayer girl out. New vampires making with the transmogrifications. Random Japanese vamp dude touching it. Andrew being geeky and awesome with the Superman references. And not to be lost in the spectacle, Cloverfield scribe Drew Goddard joins the writing team in this issue and puts in a stellar piece of Buffy fiction. Dare I say, this has been the best issue yet? Yes, I DARE! And finally, Georges Jeanty provides another splendid piece of commercial artstuffs. I seriously don’t want anyone else on this book, ever again. No other artist has been able to so accurately capture the likenesses of the actors like Jeanty. Bravo sir. So, in conclusion… Dracula!

Dead of Night #2 (***1/2):

dead of night 2

Love the covers so far! Well, this ish wasn’t as good as the debut issue, but it still worked for the most part. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa really seems to be feeling this book, especially evident in the dialogue and narrative style of Digger, our Host of Horror. This issue reads pretty quickly for a four dollar book, but it was solid all throughout. I love when old characters get revamped origin tales, especially when they are done this well, so keep ‘em coming guys. Meh, I thought I had more to say about this book, but I guess I blew it all on Buffy.

Quick Hits:

G.I. Joe #33 (***1/2): As far as swan songs go, this one’s decent. Will this series continue after issue 36, who knows? Is it finally time for these old soldiers to rest?

Green Lantern Corps #22 (**): UGH. Tired of this Alpha Lantern crap already.

Invincible Presents: Atom Eve #2 (****): This was a surprisingly good, albeit condensed, origin story. If this guy was writing Brit, that book would still be on my pull list. I’m really looking forward to future installments.

Logan #1 (**): I expected better from Vaughan and Risso. The art was fine and so was the story and I guess that’s really the problem.

Powers # 28 (**): The arc that will not end… does anyone care about the ‘powers virus’ anymore?

Nightwing #142 (***): And I had such high hopes… the thing that kills this book is the damn inner monologues. He’s not Spider-Man! Besides that, the book is fine. Not great as most people gush, but fine.

Superman #674 (***): Another new art team and another random story that doesn’t matter. Busiek, I don’t care about these random villains… please stop?

The End League #2 (*): UGH UGH. I already dropped this book, but I ordered issue 2 before issue 1 even shipped so… anyway, it sucked worse than the first.

The Twelve #3 (****): With apologies to Mr. Ross and Mr. Krueger, I love ya, but JMS and Westin’s tale about a group of public domain WWII heroes jumping from the past to the present day is just plain better. More interesting, at least. And in only three issues, I’m already completely invested in their respective journeys. Can’t wait for the plot to start twisting and turning. I’m definitely going to review this one more thoroughly once the book rippens a bit more.

That’s pretty much it for the latest shipment… I have one more review planned, The Young Liars, and then I have to wait another week for my next shipment to arrive. I guess I could take this extra time to start reviewing some trades I’ve been reading… or I could start on those Versus articles I’ve bee meaning to do… mayhaps?



4 thoughts on “Foilball’s Review Roundup #7


    okay, first of all, you’re welcome. i’m pretty sure that ribaldage is my word but you’re welcome to it.

    second, it’s so much better that you wrote this than if i had because you said everything i was thinking and you wrote it like i would have but funnier.

    okay, third, DUUUUUUDE. you know, it was pretty miserable what buff said BUT i loved the continuity of the characterization because if there is anything that buffy handles with ZERO poise and brain power, it’s ROMANTIC ENTANGLEMENTS, in part because i think sex is an outlet for power…she used homegirl. sad times but COMPLETELY predictable. ALSO, dude, xander was tight and the whole vampire thing cracked my shit up. it was sooooo perfect.

    i really liked this issue because even though there wasn’t a whole bunch of new stuff, it was really just a bunch of bumbling buffy characters, but the entire everyone showing up in the bedroom and getting found out was so on point with how it would have gone. spot on charactering.

    oh and drew goddard is mah boyfriend.

  2. mandy, i blew my load in 5 days… what am i gonna write about now? also, obviously it’s better i wrote this cus you be the mcgee of stainsville.

  3. You see, that’s why I slow rolled my shipment. I’ve still got a full review of Comic Book Comics to go and at least another mini review spotlight before the new shipment comes in on Friday.

    And The Twelve is freaking awesome. That’s some serious mojo from Miss Black Widow at the end there.

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