Review: Booster Gold #7

Booster Gold 7 Cover

Well, they got me. This series has been on the cusp of my chopping block ever since the silliness of issue five and the return of Blue Beetle. I didn’t think it was necessary, and they took some serious short cuts in the explanation of why Ted Kord could return without any sort of space time issues, which was something that really bothered me. A couple of the subplots were set up and then seemed to be immediately abandoned. Everything seemed really flighty and light and fun, but there were no stakes. Nothing seemed to be truly threatening outside of some yahoo mucking about in the past trying to change things without anyone noticing. And then Geoff Johns has to be a bastard and fix everything in one issue.

I wanted to drop this title. My rate of books a month is spiking because I’m a Marvel whore and am pretty much going to buy anything with the Secret Invasion banner on it. Granted, I was already buying pretty much all of the ongoings it is bridging into, but those mini-series (SI: Fantastic Four, Captain Britain and MI:13, SI: Young Avengers and Runaways, Frontline, as well as the just announced SI: Inhumans) all look pretty damned cool. So I was looking to cut back. JSA was gone, World of Warcraft was a painfully disappointing experiment, some series ended or switched creators, and I was all happy about dropping Booster to make room for a new book like Echo (which I’m ordering anyway) or Rasl. But no, Johns has to knock one out of the park. What a dick.

Everything I had a problem with, from future Blue Beetle’s lack of concern for changing the past, to the random appearance of Ultra-Humanite and Despero, to the fact that nothing about the time stream ever changed, to the fallout of Booster’s father as another Supernova is dealt with in an interesting and legitimately exciting way. I love that since Ted was never killed, Wonder Woman never went looking for Max Lord to lead to his death, which means the OMAC’s have pretty much taken over the world. Sure, this timeline probably won’t last more than an issue or two, but this is the type of stuff that’s pretty much required if you’re trying to tell a legitimate time travel story. It sets the stakes. We know now that this story at least appears to be going somewhere. A Quantum Leap style set up all about traipsing through time and fixing some mistakes without any satisfying overall arc is going to get tiring after a while.

So yeah, they got me. I’m hoping that something happens involving Ted going away again. Maybe I’m the only person on Earth that didn’t want Ted back, and maybe that’s because I never read the JLA/JLI Giffen stuff, but I absolutely loved Countdown to Infinite Crisis. I thought it was a good death. But we all know that deaths never last in comics, so I can’t say I was surprised. I really hoped that concerning what happened in issue 5 that Booster would be unsuccessful, and I feel better now that there are consequences to Booster’s actions. It’s a good series. We all knew that, and I’m glad that they seem to be back on track.


3 thoughts on “Review: Booster Gold #7

  1. i don’t get this book, so i have a question… should i even bother with the inevitable trade of the first 5-6 issues? is it the suck? i don’t particularly like Booster Gold, is it just chock-full of fanboy BS?

  2. I would probably borrow a couple issues just to be sure. It’s pretty gimmicky, especially with the tricks they’re doing with the numbering. The 0 issue for Zero Hour and Johns announced that his last issue on the book would be Booster Gold 1,000,000 in a couple months. It’s definitely designed for DC history fanboys. I think it’s picking up, but it’s hard to say overall.

  3. It’s a bit a premise-ish book. It’s not exactly Exiles, but it’s very similar to that in theme. While they used Countdown and the “Search for Ray Palmer” to explore the Multiverse, Booster Gold was able to revisit the “history” of the DC Universe.

    In general though, knowing the DCU will improve your enjoyment of the series [much like Exiles is “more fun” if you recognise the alternate universes they hop to].

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