The Power of Christ Compels You to Read These Mini Reviews!

Fantastic Four #555 – It’s a good enough issue. Sue wasn’t anywhere to be seen, which is admittedly a bit odd, but I’ve never really read FF on any normal basis prior to Millar and Hitch jumping on, so perhaps having all the members of Marvel’s first family off doing their own thing is normal. I’m digging this so far, and they’ve laid the groundwork to tell some interesting stories. Let’s see if they can follow up and not be staggeringly late in releasing issues.

Serenity: Better Days #1 – Wow. I don’t care one bit. This book was just there. I read it, and the characterization was generally accurate to the Firefly universe, and I guess the story is cool enough, but the second I finished reading the comic, it was like it never existed in the first place. I don’t know if I’ve ever been struck with such a sense of apathy while reading a book before. Can’t say it was bad. Can’t say it was good. Can say that it left no impression on me whatsoever, which is arguably the worst sin possible in the written word.

Mighty Avengers #10 – This one is just some silly fun. Bendis and Bagley worked very hard to recreate the look and feel of a 1960’s Marvel book, complete with simulated newsprint coloring and little bumpers at the bottom of each page with advertisements for other 1960’s Marvel books. The story itself was cute, with Bendis doing a good job of exploiting the retconned history of The Sentry to his own advantage. I do really enjoy the interplay between Doom and Iron Man, and there are some nice humor moments as they play off each other. And man, Tony really can’t catch a break, can he?

Young Avengers Presents #1: Patriot – I read this one after I read the Hulkling issue, and I like the way that the two protagonists spend much of their issues talking to their grownup counterparts (Bucky Barnes and Mar-Vell) as well as dealing with the death of an icon (Steve Rogers and, well, Mar-Vell). These are character books. Nothing here is truly designed to push forward specific or overall plot points. Granted, Hulkling’s issue did have a lot to (potentially) do with Secret Invasion, but that was more of a bi-product of the character motivations than an outright grandstanding tie in ploy. This issue makes me very much look forward to Fraction’s take on the Hawkeyes in the final issue. If it’s done in the same style, it should be supremely interesting.

Punisher War Journal #17 – This is the second straight issue since Chaykin took over that Frank Castle has barely been in the book. Last issue was an obvious done in one, but with this one it’s a little tougher to tell exactly how this fits into the bigger picture. Fraction seems to be using this book as a bit of an outlet for his crazier story construction sensibilities, which is why I’m generally so excited to read this series from issue to issue. We’re still in transition mode here, and I can’t wait to see where we’re going next.



3 thoughts on “The Power of Christ Compels You to Read These Mini Reviews!

  1. first, i haven’t read this post yet… cuz i haven’t received MY shipment!

    second, where do you live that you get your books so much faster than i get mine? i live in Cali, btw…

  2. I’m in the suburbs of Philly. Always get my box the Friday of the week it goes out. That’s what you get for living in California, I guess.

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