Captain America: White Announced!



Captain America: White takes place in 1941,” said Loeb. “It’s going to be one particular mission that defines who the characters were.” Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos will also be featured in the series. We’re going to deal with a lot of Steve’s relationship with Nick, and it’s going to echo a lot with what goes on in present day.”

Loeb talked about the framing devices of Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Gray and Spider-Man: Blue, and how they’re all characters in the present reflecting on the past. In Captain America: White, Loeb said that “it doesn’t take place in ‘our present,'” so not to contradict anything in the current Captain America, book, and “it’s in a world where Bucky is dead.”

Sale then talked about the art aspect of Captain America: White. “It’s going to be done in ink wash,” he said, like several of the previous Loeb/Sale collaborations. “It’s going to be a combination of Jack Kirby and Jack Davis,” Sale said, “The all-Jack crew.

WOW, could not be more excited about this!

EDIT: Go here to read more about this from Tim Sale himself: Tim Sale Speaks!



3 thoughts on “Captain America: White Announced!

  1. Well aside from the following, I’d think you were excited.
    “Say what you want about Jeph Loeb… no really, spit all the negative hate you want, the guy has honestly lost his shit.”
    Have you forgotten how much you apparently dislike Loeb?

  2. i was going to qualify the statements i made in this post, but i was in such a rush to leave the house… i didn’t. the only stuff of Loeb’s… that i always enjoy, or have always enjoyed… is the stuff he does with Tim Sale. i am hoping beyond hope, that even though he has apparently “lost his shit”, that this book will be good.

    i’m an optimist… no really.

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