Review: Terror Inc. #5


“Doomed to decompose for all eternity, Terror forever replaces his festering limbs with fresh parts. The curse keeps him alive – and nearly impossible to kill – but it’s what’s left of his twelfth-century sweetheart Talita – encased in enchanted metal and serving as his left arm – that keeps him on the side of the angels.”

That, in a nutshell, is Terror Inc. And Terror Inc., has truly been a great read. Read this page for yourself… you tell me. Confused? See, whenever Terror replaces parts of himself with someone else, a piece of their “soul” infects him, and sometimes causes him to act a little insane. The nurse on that page, Mrs. Primo, is actually helping him pull himself together by pulling him apart. Usually, his metal arm sufficiently suppresses these insanities, but in this portion of the story, the arm has been stolen back by its previous owner, the returned to life Talita. These lovers are on the outs, which is great for us, because we are treated to an awesomely brutal climactic fight scene. I don’t want to spoil any more of this… especially the heartbreaking turn involving Terror’s assistant, Mrs. Primo… and the hopeful ending that follows… so just go pick up the back issues or wait for the trade, damn it! If you’re a fan of the MAX line or you enjoy horror comics with a soul, you will not be disappointed. It’s a slow build from issue one to the finale, that really gives you that welcome punch to the gut.

Also of note, the art has been stellar throughout. Patrick Zircher puts out arguably his best work to date. Here’s hoping for a re-teaming of the surprisingly brilliant Lapham/Zircher pairing.


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