Some Mini Reviews

I was planning to do a full write up on Captain Marvel #3 last night, but some internet issues made that an impossibility. To make up for it, here’s a bunch of mini reviews.

Captain Marvel #3 – I think it’s humorous that a comic like New Avengers #38 has the Secret Invasion: The Infiltration banner on it with only a passing mention of skrulls, while Captain Marvel #3 doesn’t have the banner and has the most skrulls per capita of any comic since New Avengers: Illuminati #1. It was a very fun issue, and Brian Reed has been doing an excellent job with Mar-Vell and his extended family. I’m really digging the way they’re handling Mar-Vell’s return. We still don’t exactly know what the deal is with the statue, as well as what the deal is with Mar-Vell himself. Is he who he thinks he is? The final two issues of this mini-series have the SI:I banner, so considering what happened in this issue, all bets are off.

Young Avengers Presents #2 – Hulkling – Yep, more Brian Reed writing Captain Marvel and his family. This was a touching issue, with Hulking finally meeting his father for the first time. As someone who still hasn’t gotten the chance to read Heinberg’s Young Avengers, it was nice getting some background on Hulkling, as well as a little more insight into Captain Marvel. Pretty cryptic ending too, which further adds to the mystery of Mar-Vell and his return. Thumbs up here.

Angel: After the Fall #4 – So the art still isn’t very good. It’s gotten progressively better since issue one, but it’s not there yet. I think the past few issues (with this one included) have benefited from some more sunny locales (which isn’t something we should really be used to with Angel), which has taken away some of the muddiness from the art team from issue one. I still can’t tell whether the problem lies in the pencils or the colors, but there’s something wrong here. As for the story, it’s still moving forward in a very intriguing way. The HUGE revelation at the end of issue #3 is slowly paying off, as we continue to see its consequences. This book would be amazing if they changed the art, but for now it’s just pretty good.

World of Warcraft #4 – I officially no longer know why I decided to buy this. Definitely stopped pre-ordering the thing, but I think I still have issues 5 and 6 previously ordered. You know, I feel bad for Walt Simonson. He’s forever enshrined in the comics hall of fame thanks to his Thor run. It’s very unlikely that the guy had even heard of World of Warcraft before DC/Wildstorm/Blizzard approached him to write this. I liked the idea of an ongoing World of Warcraft comic because I always really liked the overarching story of the Warcraft universe. But not like this. It seems like every other page there is some blatant reference to something in the game that is presumably designed to make us think they know what they’re talking about. I don’t want to see a damned quest from the game specifically mentioned in the comic. It’s name dropping to the highest degree. There was potential for something great here, but Wildstorm completely dropped the ball.

Mighty Avengers #9 – It’s amazing how you can have a comic with those opening Marko Djurdjevik pages that leads into something so silly afterward. Now, don’t get me wrong. I liked the issue. I do like the way Bendis has positioned Mighty Avengers as the big, ballsy over the top action comic. It’s fun. And what’s more ballsy than three straight double page spreads of the Mighty Avengers fighting various Doom bots? The parallel between Tony and Doom’s armor readouts were cute, and I do enjoy the way Sentry is still being portrayed as the sort of overactive child of the group. The ending is interesting, but obviously won’t last long considering the impending Secret Invasion. It wasn’t the best issue, but it was a fun read.



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