Review: Runaways #29


Look at those tears. Her pain, I feel it – true facts though, I have no idea why she’s crying…or who she is – and that characterizes perfectly the problem I’m having with this comic.

Confession time…I was never really into comics but Billy gave me Runaways because he thought it would be a good starter comic for me…I love Whedon and the characters are teenagers and Billy’s pretty smart when it comes to picking things out that I will like. I was totally into it…

I just read Runaways #29 and I have to be honest…my enthusiasm is matched only by the massive amount of WTF that I feel as I turn each page.

First of all, I’m having a hard time keeping the characters straight…because they all look alike. The most helpful thing that EVER happens is when Xavin shapeshifts…because then at least I know who she is and then I can locate Karolina Dean. And of course there’s Molly. She’s easy to find because she’s tiny and she’s always got the Buffy-esque one-liners popping off. (Joss Whedon’s affinity for clever young girls, as evidenced by EVERYTHING he’s ever written, makes me think maybe he deserves a place on “To Catch a Predator” but whatever.)

As I read through this issue, I think about 50% of my brain was occupied with trying not only to keep the characters straight but to figure out who some of them were and the other 50% was occupied with trying to keep the convoluted plotlines straight. Whole scenes are devoted to new characters…characters whose names I’m not sure I ever learned…like the boygirl with the short hair and the tiny man on her shoulder…I wondered to myself if I was supposed to care about them…and then they died, killed by another character I either couldn’t remember or legitimately never met. Then there’s Klara – Whedon’s attempt to infuse his storyline with some sense of social commentary – which would be awesome except that for the most part, our culture has agreed that little girls shouldn’t be marrying dirty old men anymore. So mostly, I don’t care about her either. I can’t keep the gangs straight either…Street Arabs, the Sinners, the Upward Path…is this really necessary? It’s like Joss rolled up to the DayLaborers Center for Unemployed Comic Book Characters in a semi-truck, opened up the back and packed in as many as would fit. I don’t even want to talk about the multiple romantic plot lines…because I can’t figure them out. There are literally like seven threads in this one issue alone. I was relieved to arrive at the giant fight scene. It’s a clusterfuck that reflects perfectly my confusion at the preceding pages. THE CHAOS RESONATES WITH MY CONCERNS.

The convoluted storylines, the time travel plot and the parade of clones makes Runaways a whole lot of work…and yet, I sort of feel like I’ve waded halfway into an alligator pit…forward or backward, I’m screwed either way so I guess I’ll push on?



4 thoughts on “Review: Runaways #29

  1. also, you totally kicked the shit out of my review. i actually have to try? having two blogs is too much work, fyi.

  2. It was incredibly confusing. It doesn’t help that it comes out once every other month and with characters that I don’t fully know and set in a past that is bizarre. Time travel screws everything up. Stupid time travel…

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